Make SENSE – (Social Entrepreneurship for School Education)
Project No: 2020-1-IT02-KA201-079793

Make Sense e-learning Platform

The Make Sense e-learning Platform provides resources and learning modules and evaluation templates for:

  • Interpersonal Competences
  • Digital and Tech-based Competences
  • Economic Literacy
  • Active Citizenship
  • Entrepreneurship Competences

The Make Sense Partnership


Partner 1 (coordinator)

Eulab Consulting, Rome, Italy

Eulab Consulting operates in Knowledge Management, offering services within the entire knowledge cycle through four areas of intervention: Training, Research, Consulting and Technologies. Eulab’s Knowledge Area is experienced in supporting customers in the knowledge production process, aimed both to self-growth (individual and group coaching activities) and business growth (social and market research).

Eulab Consulting is leader in Italy in social research, studies and marketing surveys (Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, Brand Positioning and Benchmarking). Our staff uses an integrated approach between quantitative methods (CATI, CAPI and CAWI interviews) and qualitative ones (narrative interviews, focus groups, participatory observation).

Eulab’s Knowledge area helps companies to grow by offering specialized on-demand consulting services (HR management, communication and marketing), also through temporary management. Eulab specializes in individual coaching (top and middle management) and group coaching (to support the achievement of the objectives of the production team or the sales team). The interventions that are carried out are inspired by positive psychology to improve well-being, define career plans and career guidance.

EULAB belongs to a strong corporate group, named “CONSORTIUM”, which is based in different Italian cities, like Rome (headquarters), Milan, Florence, Pescara, Campobasso, Naples, Bari, Cosenza and Palermo

Main experiences:

DAY PLOT – Diagnosis and Actions for Young People Looking for a Better Future”, Erasmus+, KA202 – Agreement Number 2016-1-IT01-KA202-005585 (COORDINATOR). The project has proposed a Gamified Learning Platform, to help young migrant and refugees in their integration in Europe and in the new country, while learning valuable competences.

CALLING – An Innovative Approach in School Guidance and Vocational Orientation”, Erasmus+ KA201 – Agreement Number 2019-1-IT02-KA201-063112 (COORDINATOR). The project aims to implement an innovative Orientation method for school-aged people, based on a Digital platform.

ITER – Improving Transitions, Enabling Results”, Erasmus+, KA202 – Agreement Number 2019-1-UK01-KA202-061465. The project aims to implement a Digital Platform with a Gaming Assessment activity, for NEET people


Partner 3

Liceul Teoretic Ovidius, Constance, Romania

Our organisation’s main activity is providing general education at secondary level, offering our students a comprehensive general education, i.e. it covers theoretical aspects as defined by the national curricula in the fields of language and communcation, mathematics and sciences, IT and technologies, social sciences, and arts, as well as intensive education for foreign languages, specifically English, German and French to about 40% of students.

The other learning programmes available in our school are not part of the compulsory system, yet they are available to all our students and they enjoy a significant popularity among our learners, focussed mainly on sciences: IT, programming, robotics, biology, astronomy, mathematics and physics.

The vast majority of our students pursue higher education studies upon graduation, either in Romania or abroad. Almost 80 percent of our students choose science oriented careers: engineers, doctors, computer specialists, economists, marine engineers, architecture, law, etc.


Partner 4

Gimnazija Celje-Center, Celje, Slovenia

Gimnazija Celje – Center was founded in 1912 and is nowadays one of the most active grammar secondary schools in Slovenia. The school excels in the field of introducing innovative learning environments with emphasis on merging formal and informal education. The school is a proud recipient of the Kumerdej award (the highest national recognition for exceptional achievements in the educational system). In 2019 the school was also rewarded with a silver plaque of the City of Celje and with the Apple of Quality from NA Slovenia for its international work and achievements. More than 70% of more than 900 pupils are involved in extracurricular activities, projects and youth research work and they are also very successful in various national and international competitions. The school has been granted the title of Cultural School 2015 - 2020 due to its diverse and stimulating cultural activities. Within the international networks such as Unesco APSnet, Confucius Classroom, MUN/MEP, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award, European Parliament School Ambassador, Healthy schools, Eco-garden schools, the goals and vision of the school gravitate towards sustainable development and providing skills of the 21st century to its pupils and teachers. Gimnazija Celje – Center is also a national reference school for work with talented children and a European talent point within the European Talent Support Network. Pupils can choose between three programs that are offered: general grammar school, art grammar school in kindergarten pedagogics (vocational programme).


Partner 5

Gems NI, Belfast, UK

GEMS is a small Charity and Social Enterprise with 25 staff based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We work to promote social inclusion in employment for people of working age who experience labour market disadvantage. We deliver employability services and programmes that support NEET young people (aged 16-24), families at risk of inter-generational unemployment and provide access to training and employment opportunities for 2,000+ people per year. We also provide culturally competent Careers Information, Advice and Guidance to people from n new communities who do not have English as their first language including conversation classes and learning language for work programmes. We have extensive experience in Erasmus+ projects and are delighted to be a partner in the Make Sense project and to have the opportunity to work with our partners including the Belfast School and School of Sanctuary, Malone Integrated College.


Partner 6

Malone Integrated College, Belfast, UK

Malone Integrated College is an all-ability school set in south/west Belfast. It was established by parents in 1997 to educate children of all religions and none together and is now one of the most diverse schools in Northern Ireland. Educating young people from 11-18, there are now over 650 students and 91 staff members working each day in the college. Children of all abilities are welcome at Malone College and are given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through the curriculum and the extracurricular life of the college, students participate in an outstanding educational experience that facilitates their all-round development, enabling them to play an active role in society when they leave the College as young adults. The sixth form also reflects the all-ability nature of the College and offers traditional A-levels as well as Applied A-levels.

Malone College is committed to developing confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in all students. There are high expectations of all students and the College has a caring environment where pupils are encouraged to work to the best of their ability.



We will share results and key project milestones here

This will include updates on our work, partners activities and events, news, interviews and links.


Intellectual Output 1

ResultsTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
IO1 Analiza NAF NAF Evaluation ROMANIAN pdf 0644 2023102202060322-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202060322-Oct-2023 339 KB Download
IO1 Competitive Arena Mapping ROMANIAN pdf 0644 2023102202061522-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202061522-Oct-2023 2 MB Download
IO1 Gandire Laterala Provocation & Movement ROMANIAN pdf 0644 2023102202060522-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202060522-Oct-2023 364 KB Download
IO1 Generarea de idei Brainwriting ROMANIAN pdf 0644 2023102202060522-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202060522-Oct-2023 344 KB Download
IO1 Jurnal Logbook ROMANIAN pdf 0644 2023102202060622-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202060622-Oct-2023 385 KB Download
IO1 Make Sense Methodology Toolkit English pdf 0644 2023102202061222-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202061222-Oct-2023 1 MB Download
IO1 Methodology Toolkit ENG pdf 0644 2023102202061322-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202061322-Oct-2023 1 MB Download
IO1 Spatiul Concurential Arena Card ROMANIAN pdf 0644 2023102202060522-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202060522-Oct-2023 277 KB Download
IO1 Toolkit Metodologico ITALIAN pdf 0644 2023102202061022-Oct-2023 02:06 2023102202061022-Oct-2023 1 MB Download


Intellectual Output 2

ResultsTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
IO2 2 Interpersonal Competences Module.ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202102222-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202102222-Oct-2023 794 KB Download
IO2 2 THEORY PILL 1 Communication Principles.ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202102822-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202102822-Oct-2023 2 MB Download
IO2 3 MODULE ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202102322-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202102322-Oct-2023 816 KB Download
IO2 4 Literacy ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202101722-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202101722-Oct-2023 752 KB Download
IO2 4 THEORY PILL 2 Active Listening ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202102422-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202102422-Oct-2023 939 KB Download
IO2 Evaluation Toolkit ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202102522-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202102522-Oct-2023 1 MB Download
IO2 Make Sense Training Module Social Entrepeneurship ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202101622-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202101622-Oct-2023 561 KB Download
IO2 THEORY PILL 3 Assertive Behaviour ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202101522-Oct-2023 02:10 2023102202101522-Oct-2023 500 KB Download
IO2 Training Module 2 Digital and tech based competences ENGLISH pdf 0644 2023102202110722-Oct-2023 02:11 2023102202110722-Oct-2023 3 MB Download


Intellectual Output 3

ResultsTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
we will share io3 results here once they are available pdf 0755 2023102201433222-Oct-2023 01:43 2023102201433222-Oct-2023 112 KB Download


Intellectual Output 4

ResultsTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
we will share io4 results here once they are available pdf 0755 2023102201433622-Oct-2023 01:43 2023102201433622-Oct-2023 112 KB Download

Intellectual Outputs

The Make Sense Project will be delivered through the completion of 4 Intellectual Outputs. These are summarised here:

Intellectual Output 1

Start: November 2020 Complete: March 2021

Methodology toolkit.

Lead: Eulab Consulting

  • 5 Teachers from each school (20 in total) will participate in training workshops in their countries on the Competitive Arenas Model

  • Eulab Consulting will lead the design of a Toolkit containing:
    • Reading materials on action research (AR) and Morphological Analysis (MA) methods
    • A training module on the 2 methods and Competitive Arenas adapted for schools
    • Tools and exercises on the methods adapted for use in schools
  • Eulab Consulting will train 1/2 trainers from each school
    • Each partner school will train at least 5 teachers
    • On completion, at least 20 teachers/trainers will be proficient in the Toolkit

Intellectual Output 2

Start: July 2021 Complete: March 2022

Evaluation toolkit.

Lead: Liceul Teoretic Ovidius

  • 5 teachers from each school (20 in total) will participate in online training workshops focusing on the Entrecomp model and the European Council recommendation on key competences for lifelong learning

  • All partners will design a 5-hour Training Module on the 5 common competences of the Entrecomp Model

  • Short videos will be developed to introduce the module and/or provide examples and in-depth views with links on the Make Sense website

  • Led by Liceul Teoretic Ovidius, the schools will develop an Evaluation Toolkit to support the assessment of student abilities in the 5 competences

  • An expert-led workshop/webinar will be held in each partner country

  • Online workshops/webinars will be developed to support 20 teachers/trainers in the monitoring and evaluation of the 5 Entrecomp competences in the students and how to use them in social entrepreneurship


Intellectual Output 3

Start: March 2022 Complete: September 2022

Competitive arena path guidelines.

Lead: Gimnazija Celje-Center

The Competitive Arena Path guidelines will be a framework for the implementation of the social entrepreneurship path; the result of the integration of the Entrecomp and the Competitive Arenas models.

  • Gymnasium Celje-Center and Eulab Consulting will develop the reference framework for a Social Entrepreneurship’s path, defining its structure in terms of:
    1. phases,
    2. activities
    3. tools to be used
  • The framework will be presented to all partners to enhance their understanding of how to introduce Social Entrepreneurship in the school setting
  • All partners will develop a report with a didactic strategy which includes example(s) and practical use of the Social Entrepreneurship path in the school; these examples will be included in the final framework.

Intellectual Output 4

Start: September 2022 Complete: August 2023

Handbook for social entrepreneurship at school.

Lead: Fondazione monnalisa

Following 12 months testing an evidence-based handbook will be developed that will demonstrate the results in relation to skills acquired by the students and the functionality of the tools and exercises provided by the course.

  • At least 20 students per partner school will test the SE path over one school-year (overall minimum: 80 students).
  • Partners will engage key stakeholders (NGOs/Charities) operating in the corresponding field chosen by each partner
  • Testing will be monitored and evaluated using the testing developed in IO2
  • Fondazione Monnalisa will provide a Student Support Form, coordinate the testing and support project partners during the process
  • The Support Forms will be analysed by each partner and National Reports will be produced
  • Fondazione Monnalisa will develop the final report Handbook on Social Entrepreneurship to be produced in 4 languages and published on the Make Sense website.


We are currently experiencing a Global Covid-19 Pandemic and living with travel restrictions and other measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We hope that these restrictions alleviate during 2021 and our Make Sense partnership are able to meet and host multiplier events which are face-to-face.

We note that decisions on travel and face-to-face meetings will be based on the guidance available to partners at the time.

ResultsTypePermissionsChanged DateDateSize
we will share events here once they are available pdf 0755 2023102201424722-Oct-2023 01:42 2023102201424722-Oct-2023 111 KB Download

Kick-off Meeting

22nd-23rd February 2021 Belfast UK Hosted by GEMS NI (online)

Meeting 2 and Multiplier Event 1

6th -7th October 2021, Rome Italy, Hosted by Eulab Consulting

Meeting 3 and Multiplier Event 2

31st March – 1st April 2022, Costanza Romania, Hosted by Liceul Teoretic Ovidius

Meeting 4 and Multiplier Event 3

29th – 30th September 2022, Celje, Slovenia, Hosted by Gimnazija Celje-Center

Multiplier Event 4

March 2023, Belfast, UK, Hosted by Malone Integrated College

Multiplier Event 5

May 2023 Arezzo, Italy Hosted by Fondazione Monnalisa

Final Partnership Meeting

31st August 2023, Online, hosted by Fondazione Monnalisa